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The bill calling for a Department of Peace and Nonviolence will be introduced today in the House of Representatives. Please call your Members of Congress and urge them to support this legislation that will provide a Secretary of Peace at the cabinet level to focus on the resolution of conflict by peaceful means, domestically and internationally.

With the news of Fairmont, MN and Chicago, IL City Council resolutions passing unanimously -- congratulations and great work! -- along with the news of the publication of the Boston Globe Op-Ed, is a healthy post election reminder that we are now part of the national dialogue in the United States of America. read more »

Hi all, having returned from the GPPAC Conference in the Hague last night, I fell into one of those deep sleeps that resets your body clock"¦and dreamt of reviewing peacebuilding proposals from all over the world. No coincidence, as throughout these past days we heard from Civil Society Organizations, government officials, and Foundation representatives about the peacebuilding work in fifteen regions around the globe. It was a joy to represent The Peace Alliance and we were very well received.

In this brief report, I will share a bit of background, a few reflections on the event, and my talking points from the final roundtable on government and civil society partnership. read more »

Dear Friends,

It is with heartfelt joy that we share our first Peace Alliance Foundation newsletter with you. Our intention is to help make visible a culture of peace. In fact, peace is breaking out all over!

The mission of the Foundation is to empower and inspire civic engagement for a culture of peace. We have three main areas of focus: Global Engagement, Civic Engagement, and the Peace Registry. You will find articles, pictures and stories of interest that are sure to spark hope and the spirit of cooperation. read more »

Hi everyone,

Yesterday on an interview I was asked our position on the recent airport bombings in Lebanon, especially in relation to the killing of innocents. As the cycle of violence continues and our media and news outlets report on these instances, I remind myself often to ask the question: "What would the Secretary of Peace do about this one?" I have a vision of inspiring cooperation on behalf of the common good, all the while knowing that in doing so all needs are met, including our own. read more »

They came by plane, bus, car, ferry, and on foot. Sixty men and women, representing diverse cultures, nations, ages, and languages, traveled to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, for the Second People's Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace held June 19-22, 2006. Speaking with one voice they called on countries around the world to establish government structures whose goal is to work hand-in-hand with civil society - reflecting, building, and sustaining a culture of peace.

Full report with pictures: [inline:1]

World Peace Forum
Vancouver, BC

Marianne Williamson, Chair of The Peace Alliance, moderated a panel on Departments of Peace Around the World.
She was the only woman, surrounded by seven males from four continents who hold positions in their respective governments:

  • Congressman Dennis Kucinich, USA
  • Dr. Arthur Chesterfield Evans, MLC New South Wales, AUS
  • Timothy Al Paulus, Assistant Minister for Youth in the Ministry for Youth and Sport, Liberia
  • Franklin Quijano, Office of the President, Philippine Peace Process
    Fred Fakiri'i, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Reconciliation, Unity and Peace, Solomon Islands
  • Hideake, standing in for upper house of Diet Senator Kina, Japan
  • Paul Van Tongeren, Executive Director, Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, Netherlands
  • Saul Arbess also read a letter of support from Dr. Doug Roche, former Canadian Parliamentarian

See article in the Vancouver Sun.

See Communiqué from second International Summit of the People's Initiative for Ministries and Departments of Peace attached: [inline:1] read more »

An emerging possibility this past week has to do with the International Day of Peace September 21st. As you know, in 2001 the UN passed Resolution 55/282 (PDF format): "Declares that the International Day of Peace shall henceforth be observed as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, an invitation to all nations and people to honor a cessation of hostilities for the duration of the Day...." A number of of us are presently discussing the possibility of all of us making a united call for such a global ceasefire and a day of nonviolence.


Download the PDF version of this flyer: [inline:1]

The International People's Initiative for Departments of Peace calls urgently for the non-violent resolution of the growing conflict involving China, France, Germany, Iran, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United Nations, and the United States of America.

As Earth's climate warms up at an alarming rate, threatening widespread global devastation, humanity faces the biggest challenge to its survival in history. For our children, our children's children and the planet, we must now avoid wasting our precious resources engaging in costly, destructive wars and instead employ well-tried, non-violent methods of resolving conflicts around the world. We can then focus our energy, creativity, wisdom, and prudence on providing for a sustainable, and thus safe and secure, future. read more »


Hi everyone,

We just concluded our first official day of the Summit, with a group dinner and then a lengthy phone call at a london phone booth to Jason [Brock]'s podcast for broadcast on the internet. The two-day training preceding the Summit was quite an experience. 40 people from 11 countries, representing groups and networks nationally and internationally are gathered to form an international coalition calling for Departments of Peace worldwide. read more »

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