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Too much hatred.

Why is it that you're looking for a fight?
You have no authority over mere mortals,
Our own manifestation and destruction is insight.

An embryo in a womb..
Would it be honestly fair to bare the child and force it through the strife...
Of life?

Is it really that we must bully the world?
That humans have to damage to prove a neglected point?
A point too often buried through fear? read more »


The humanity in all of us is a comfort,
But when we yearn to be inhuman it is a curse.

Don't you think?


Blind faith is a weapon,
We breed from questioning what we think we know,

If we were not an inquisitive race,
Things would remain unchanging-

But things have, do and will change- or will they?
Don't even ask- just believe, nod and smile even.

How dangerous a thing if i could program you,
Disguised beneath the words Blind Faith....


I hear you
As your life falls beneath your feet,
Blood being washed off apathetic hands,
Whose perverse pretences appear true,
Who preach lies and craft "necessary" plans.

A disturbed game, throw the dice,
Kill again, once, twice.

I hear you
Children with guns under their arms,
Children marching in fear,
Children watching behind their backs,
CHILDREN shed a tear.

Women in Guetamala raped in the street, read more »


The air is so dense you could bathe in it,
And whilst the dim sky encapsulates you in its lull,
You could dream...

Of the night sky in other places,
Covering other people,
Different expressions, different faces,
Each life a foreign world.
Some search for a corner to huddle in,
Some dance with a lover in anticipation, infatuation,
Some watch in bed, some retire, some gaze,
Some bury their relatives and hide from the guns, read more »

I am just publishing a comment on the prominent issue of freedom of speech, which is probably boring everyone to death, but i thought i should highlight my views, and am curious to know others viewpoints on such things. I am extrememly interested in religion, and hold strong views, and i fear that society is going down a path leading to the ultra sensitivity which will subsequently mean we will not be allowed to express ourselves. For example, i feel that blind faith is a lethal weapon, and i think my viewpoint is as valid as that of a thiest. I just want to say that, freedom of speech works both ways, if God is allowed to say that infidels will have their day of judgement etc., we should be allowed to say that we feel religion is fiction for example. I believe in liberty for everyone, and the key to any progress in the world is understanding, how are we supposed to understand if we cannot discuss? read more »


Spinning a reel,
It has become the monotonous norm,
We are used to it,
Casual tones of sorrow,
Bells don't toll anymore,
For they would never stop,
Doomed like a fowl fate,
People have become accustomed to the fact,
That everyday more and more,
Open wounds are left sore,
As they die on the floor,
People both rich and poor,
The radio news banging at our door,
But we don't notice it anymore. read more »

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