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I'm white and 60 years of age.
The first time I felt proud of our country, was when Rosa Parks claimed her bus seat and a place in history. I thought she was a little girl like me because no one called her Miss or Mrs. Michelle Obama was not yet born.
Martin Luther King made me proud as he claimed equality for my friends in our schools. He was murdered before Michelle's birth. read more »

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark.
The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." ~ Plato

From a friend of a friend, worth 4 minutes to those of us who believe in the purpose of this website, propeace. Visit

The Mares of the night take the right to interfere with sleep,
Ride with the furies, and kick up the sheets.
Mares of the night fear daylight, so they disappear
When the cock crows, "Go! Go! Get away from here."
Mares of the night have wings, and take flight,
And wish for peace to end their plight.
Fright was not the intent when mares took wing. read more »

In stillness have I watched the goings-on around me.
In silence I have listened to voices which surround me.
I've pondered. I've waited while time has passed on by.
I've wondered why believed be the blatant lie.
Epitomized in castle keep where Truth lies in neglect
And calumnized are innocents we've failed to protect.
The Castle-keeper, millstone 'round his neck, tied
For all the Anawim misled, abused, had died. read more »

Fallen be the president no one voted for.
Fallen be the tyrant who found himself at war.
Fallen be the one who sang and danced the floor.
Fallen be an age that we will see no more.

Uniforms and flags bedeck the one.
One's killers hid in hooded masks till done,
And one man's songs played to generations
of mothers and fathers to daughters and sons.

Piracy & clemency earned publicity. read more »

There are people who are constantly on parade, so don't rain on them. Then there are rainy day folks who will hold their umbrellas over you. ~Janna Huss

The human mind is like the surface of the ocean that gets whipped about by bad weather. We all get reactive, but underneath the waves, there is a deeper calm, if only we can reach for it. ~Jon Kabat-Zinn

It seems that we are One regardless of our action or non-action, and if we cannot deal with that now, we will have to do so on the Other side, where there will be nowhere to hide. ~Janna Huss read more »

The Earth, Mother Earth, is heavy with child and woefully ill. Who tends her as a loving, giving, whole and integrated being? What will she bring to birth?

Beneath that massive, swollen belly, her water broke, spilling, spilling - everywhere, over days, months, pooling anywhere, here and there, heedless of its path. Blown by the wind, she broke as her children pressed in upon her, & the waters swirled upon the wind and pooled around her mounds and valleys where naught was water found before. She shook with pain, unable to control herself, and mud slid, covering her people, their works, their villages. read more »

It was a scuffle to begin with,
not much to do with oil, said the gabfests,
and Life was snuffed out for some folks over Desert Storm.

Then came the demand for the bottomless barrel,
never enough, blind to the investment
until finally there was none left to demand.

It never was ours. Is there any left to sell?
The biggest customer blew it up.
When the rick-o-shay was over, there were no more takers. read more »

Oh, tip the sacred cow
Melt down the golden calf
Erase the face of fear
till all are free to laugh.

Then shall come the day
when all we know of pain
is that jiggling of the belly,
of laughter become strained.

Tears mingle in such laughter
For laughter is the Rule,
sacred ever after,
And all are Jester's Fool.

Human Nature needs a sidekick
to whip it into shape,
an idol to cajole and trick - read more »

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