May 14 2010 some actions taken today promoting the ISO 26000 Standard

Blog today May 14 2010: (trying to figure out how to post it)

First order of business is to write to CNN re their Fred Bloetscher
interview. What a hoax. How is it that I can sit in my little
village hut here in the lazy fishing village of Puerto Penasco,
Mexico, and with a pen and paper (my computer was stolen) (ha!! it
was broken) I would not have left my computer around if it were not.
Such is this little village. As for my note to Fred - How is it that
he is being interviewed on the flow of oil in the Gulf - as an expert,
and all he can do is mention the difficulty of Pressure and
temperature. I remember that Avogadro's number (the actual number I
forget, but 10 to the power of 23 was significant) had something to do
with this relationship - but at best that co-efficient is less
significant than two things I measured for myself - using my eyes and
looking at something that could be 10 times the size of my estimate.

To test my own understanding I guessed the pipe that the oil was
flowing out of as 36 inches or 3 feet in diameter. Of course this
could be wrong but easily found out by talking to any one of 100
engineers for 1 minute. easily within five minutes we might have an
authoritative figure on the size of the pipe.
Then we could measure the speed of the flow . we have the picture on
tv - we can easily put a line on the tv and measure a one foot
distance and stop watch a time span - this would give us the
sufficient numbers to express an opinion on the flow - of course
within a range of error as we have to apply the meaning behind
Avogadro's number - what ever that may be and we will have a pretty
close estimation of the flow - and the ultimate end play damage. At
36 inches I guestimated 8,640 barrels day. The pipe would have to be
larger to drive a 50 - 70 K barrel per day that the experts are
wasting our time with. Why not get some person do this rather than
having CNN scare us with meaningless opinions.

All this kind of speculation is no better than interviewing a sports
athlete before the game and ask him how it feels to have won the game.
Strange that CNN is made of fodder like this. Clearly not following
any formal intelligent format or Standards for Reporting.

My second letter to come from TV this morning is the notion of the
ongoing scare in NYC. Namely the leaving of empty bags on the street.
this is causing significant distraction and ought to be turned into a
positive. Surely the PR strategists of the Terrorist movement are
not going to win us over so easily. Apparently NYC is comfortable
throwing all those unclaimed baggage into the garbage as they do not
have the place to put it. My first thought was to get Richard Laermer
help Develop a NYC Promotion - calling it - Lost and Found - let
every police department in the land send their unclaimed baggage to
NYC - to our store - and we will hold it for the person who lost it -
for a time after which we will sell it. This is a perfect Make work
Project for NYC and will demonstrate a new approach and commitment to
the environment. So the idea is there and Richard Laermer might even
receive my e-mail - and read this far -. not bad if you are in the
business of 15 second sound bites business - and unfortunately he
does not have time to learn how to apply meaning to the thinking
processes encouraged by the ISO 26000 Standard.

If he changes his mind he can join our conversation of those of us
that will be setting the future trends using the tools of the day. Of
course our theme can be taken over any day by CNN and we will have to
shift our efforts from promotional and marketing to actual
implementation of strategies.

This baggage idea of course is bogus. Why? because there are
organizations and networks already in that business. Every Transit
system has a Lost and Found in Canada as far as I know. For some
reason they have not thought to ask the police for them. So why not
organize this as a Community development effort. The Bag Lady Comes
to NY - again. you can have fun with the commercials Richard. IN
truth this may be best as using the Homeplanet Brand on all Baggage
from the police departments - and we will verify their process in
order that we feel comfortable with the Police understanding and
routines. In short the Police Department will have to "intend " to
use the ISO 26000 Standard for organizational guidance. Homeplanet
Marketing will verify this.

I have not yet established a business relationship with Richard and
would like to but he appears to be to busy or suffering from some
physical back pains that distract him from moving forward in any way.
Let's leave him with that option.

And now I am ready to talk with Eliahi Priest in England - we are
exploring some next steps in developing the UTU either through a
banking connection - or if we can come to agree on it we establish the
Retail UTU under a different name and Recipco can own our activity if
it chooses to and at what ever level they choose.

We have just explored a new financing possibility - but during our
due diligence Google turned up some information that is challenging.
So we are looking deeper into this and deciding what the intentions of
the others are - relative to the resources they command.

We will begin our discussions and these discussions will be recorded
as part of our process of developing our ideas in a transparent manner
- and catalogued and identified for both scholastic reference - and
also how we end up using the ISO 26000 Standard in our own processes.
As we are a very small entity right now - the difficulty is very
small - our intention is based upon "doing good". We are not adopting
Googles' - do no harm as this is not always the best philosophy. and
then we have the problem of identifying "good intentions". A
terrorist may be considered to have good intentions because of his
belief system - here we would defer to Googles' definition. That was
why the World Peace Posse asked individuals to take an oath of non
violence. This is the temporizing action that validates the "do good"
now to find the information - thank you google.

and now for the conversation - I trust Eliahi will record it. We have
done our exploration and Eliahi is going to continue through his MI6
connections. I am not convinced this is the best process - but maybe
in this situation it will be helpful for the Recipco team in assessing
whether or not they get involved.

IMHO I would like Eliahi and I to get together on the functionality of
the UTU on the retail level and I thought this might be a good place
to start.

Not yet - but we move forward.

My next approach today is to CISCO - to determine what role they might
play. As I develop my blog I will obviously learn how to communicate
to those that I want most effectively - and those that want to follow
the develop of the UTU, Recipco, the ISO 26000 Standard and other
issues such as the MDG's, the UNGC might find our activity of

now for my post


Mitch Gold

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