The Last War


Freedom, Peace and Security will NEVER be won nor secured by the sword, another war will always need to be fought to end the fear of the sharp blade against the vital thoughts of change.

The last war will be waged without soldiers or freedom fighters, without blood shed or death, no rockets red glare, no bombs bursting anywhere.

The last war will not cause suffering, broken hearts, splintered spirits, or shattered bodies and souls, the creation of nature and man will not be crushed under the rolling thunder of armored machines, chemicals will not rain down from above, maniacal viruses will not attack from within, suicide terror raids, genocide, and nuclear holocaust will have no place in the last war, the casualties will be the end of competition, industry, government and religion which plan for and carry out the destruction, addiction and control of others.

The last war will be waged BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE, a war where all things will be TREATED as equal, a war employing weapons of MASS COOPERATION, battles fought and won with tolerance for all, understanding of difference, awareness of responsibility, a war in which compassion and love conquer and destroy the final evil enemy of humankind, the last war, the mother of all wars, the war to end all wars, must be waged upon fear.

We the People, declare a global war on fear.

How do we the people start this war, how do we wage this war, how do we the people win the last war ?

We start by turning away from those who support fear, by denying our services, our employment, our political, financial, moral and spiritual support to those who build and profit from the economy of competition, addiction and war.

We wage the last war by demanding that our energy and environment be clean and renewable, by demanding that the thousands of billions of dollars spent yearly on making the weapons and means of war be shifted and added to the nearly meaningless hundreds of billions which is reluctantly parted out for social, health, education and domestic infrastructure.

We win the last war by simply entrusting our votes, our support, our children's and grandchildren's lives to those of US whose words and actions DELIVER love and truth.

We the people can, will and must defeat fear.

©Bruce Larson*Moore



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minjonetminna wrote:
How sad to offend by the mere being of the change one wants to see in the world! But I believe Love and Peace will win in the end.

your*trust in live, is well placed, personally i*would not despair nor be sad for those who are offended, for they merely offend themselves, and cast the shadow of doubt unto that which they can not see, yes of course have pity and compassion for their path, as it is the sadness brought to others by their actions which could so easily be healed by the love and peace locked within a wounded heart, a lesson many will not heed.

welcome to the site and thanx for your comment ;)



The Great Controversy

I believe it's true that the last war will be waged by some without bloodshed or physical death and that I am one of those. One of my favorite promises is, "For the weapons of our warfare are not physical, but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ". 2 Corinthians 10 verses 4 and 5.

I believe what my "Conformity" postcard from says - "When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other." I believe what Ghandi said - to be the change we want to see in the world. If we do this, I believe many others will follow.

I believe that others will fight by physical, violent and bloody means in the last battle of this war that's been waged as long as mankind has been as it is . They will fear the influence of those who live love and peace. How sad to offend by the mere being of the change one wants to see in the world! But I believe Love and Peace will win in the end.

Re: The War of Love

Susan you said:
"The simplistic part of me wants to make peace appeal to the senses - the motion of dance, the sound of music - but that takes skill, while the motion and sound of violence can be "performed" by the untrained."

Susan* - I beg to differ with this statement, Peace/Nature appeals greatly to the senses and takes only the natural talent and skill one is born with, every child knows its attachment to the spiritual grace of peace, the social systems in which humans are raised want one to "accept" that it takes skill to dance, to sing, to express the art and motion of peace, this is why it is so important to those systems to keep the worship of the Pop*Idol at the forefront of their fantasy, other*wise the individual would maintain their personal connection with the beauty and grace of herself.

As for violence being a skill performed by the untrained, please think again, as most social systems do nothing but "train" their young from the moment they are born to accept and perform by the reaction and actions of violence, "NO" - Don't do that - etc. etc. etc.

This training of violence is long term, on going and totally pervasive in all societies, and of course once one is in the military it becomes, complete, expensive and with but one end, to create a killing machine, which will breed more cannon fodder for the cycle.

Wars are fought and prepared for by the sons, fathers, daughters, mothers etc. of the dead, maimed and fallen heros of the past.

you also asked:
"The war of love." Does that make sense?"

It is the only war which can make sense, the only war which is truly being waged, yet it is not truly a war, it is the creation of peace within the gift of free*will.

WAR is simply a construct of MAN in which the universe has no interest, that we choose to take the path of war is a choice made within this state of free will, if we do not embrace the path of love on the journey toward peace, the trip will end, for love will not tolerate oblivion.


Love*Rulz - (Available on DVD:)

©Bruce Larson*Moore
Of Poetic*Service

The War of Love

Rainbow Brain, Bruce, *Rulz - color me confused! Who ARE you?

That was a truly inspired piece of work. I've been ruminating about the appropriateness of trying to legislate peace, and then the news of the international conference in October came out, so others have also been ruminating about that. After reading "The Last War," I wrote to some of the people who are organizing that conference. Below is a partial excerpt.

I find it striking that we universally legislate against all the consequences of the absence of peace - assault, robbery, arson, murder - and yet we just as universally fail to make peacebuilding a part of our governmental structures. I believe that part of the reason for this is that peace appeals to the mind rather than to the senses. Peace is still; violence has motion. Peace is quiet; violence is noisy. The simplistic part of me wants to make peace appeal to the senses - the motion of dance, the sound of music - but that takes skill, while the motion and sound of violence can be "performed" by the untrained.

Due to the domination of sensory input over cognitive input, I often wonder if humanity is ready for peace from an evolutionary perspective. I am a psycholinguist by training, and I wonder if perhaps we should consider reframing our campaign. We speak of "addressing" the root causes of violence, and that sounds vague. We speak of "waging peace," and that sounds like an oxymoron. Why not frame our campaign in terms of a "war" against the root causes of violence. Look at the ready support we got for the "war on terrorism" or the "war on drugs." Why not wage a "war on fear," a "war on greed," a "war on poverty?" Then perhaps humanity will see the need for Departments of Peace. Our "weapons," of course, must be non-violent. Our "weapons" are our hearts and our minds.

Are we starting at the top when we should be starting at the bottom? Many people agree that peace must begin within. Perhaps organizations such as The Peace Alliance should be trying to promote the creation of elected or appointed Commissions of Peace in County government to address the daily lives of ordinary people. Or are we starting in the middle when we should be starting at the top? Perhaps we should be promoting a more globalized peacebuilding effort by empowering the United Nations, since excessive nationalism is a root cause of violence at the international level. Or is this a "war" where the "attack" must happen simultaneously on multiple "fronts?"

I am also a musician, and until this very moment, I have always been puzzled by the following lyrics:

"Why do we never get an answer when we're knocking at the door
With a thousand million questions about hate and death and war?
'Cos when we stop and look around us, there is nothing that we need
In a world of persecution that is burning in its greed.
Why do we never get an answer when we're knocking at the door?
Because the truth is hard to swallow.
That's what the war of love is for."

The war of love will help us to swallow the truth - that hate and death and war are with us because we seek power and money when we don't really need them. "The war of love." Does that make sense?

"Blue in a Red State"

the eternal struggle

Bruce, thanks for this wonderful reframing of war itself. I've always believed that the only fight worth fighting is within oneself. The battlefield of the last war you identify, the War on Fear, is substantially within ourselves. While certainly we can work to neutralize the external agents of fear, the reality that we are fearful must be owned by each of us individually. This, I believe, is the eternal human struggle, a war without end. But it is a "war" worth waging. War is much too violent a word for this struggle, for the process by which it is waged is quite the opposite of that by which military war is waged.

Anyway, I'm ready to enlist!

Thanks for your links. I've added them to our friends page.



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