Life barely trickled down to earn it’s daily bread, each hungry mouth paid less every day than the cost of a single loaf, hardly enough to keep a scrappy, tin roof overhead,

Dark hollow shadows, bodies drawn out as stick figures, laboring on a good day just to survive,

Seconds after... the cinder block shanty towns and shoddy corrupt construction pan caked into quake shaken rubble, oozing blood curdling cries of pain, and hopeless despair, into the chaos of the smoke laden, dusty air,

Choking and gasping now for each precious breath, trapped beneath layer upon layer of steel, concrete and rotting, human flesh,

Liquids of life incessantly passing with the relentless drip of a faucet tightened down with every last ounce of resolve and strength,

Scorching sun and oppressive heat, minute by minute cooking them as raw pulverized meat, solidifying bloody pools of strangers, missing family and friends in a maze of dangerous, unforgiving ruins and streets,

Days of inconceivable suffering, weeks of creeping desperation, months of merciless poverty, years of constant menial struggle, decades of futile conflict,

Trapped and helpless, the resilient, stalwart spirit and soul of Haiti, beckons to a world of privilege and plenty, for a hand of kinship, family and opportunity to raise itself from the devastation of our common, shared history,

Together side by side, arm and arm unto the giving embrace, of our humanity and this dawning...

Age of Compassion

Unite the C.H.A.O.S.

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