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History is of course always written by the victorious, and so today the Global Peace Congress issued its year 2100 edition of the history of the First World Peace.

The e-book which was instantly shared with the world population is a stirring account of the many individual, group and national stories which played such a pivotal role in the creation of humanities finest 11th hour, the global development of security and cooperation through the many creative avenues of Strength, Unity and the use of Peaceful Change. read more »


You are traveling through space and speed as a vibrant sphere of energy, tone and vibration which shines brilliantly, sings beautifully, moves gracefully and effortlessly across the vast depths of an endless spherical continuum.

Your point of origin, the peaceful central core of all reality, your destination a tiny blue sphere resting on the far distant outer fringes of this physical universe. read more »


Where is our strength ??

Military might is the blunt end of society, no matter how brave, committed, intelligent or advanced a machine or its troops deployed are, the end result is ultimately one of armed force.

Our true strength is held in the arms of the people, and their desire to lend a hand to those in need.

Our true strength is held in the trust of laws which desire to lend justice a hand to those in need. read more »

Only fools trusts that a military victory will change the fear of others.

There is only one requirement for true and lasting victory in any conflict, and it can not be accomplished by force.

Peace is Victory

There is no way to victory or peace,

Peace is The*Way

Lay thy hand on the book of your faith and pledge to uphold the victory and truth of Peace.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
World*Peace Profit read more »

Change the image of the world to change the perception of the world.


A Smaller World

One*Peason, one*idea, many*ripples, create the waves of change.


Pedal Power Peanut Sheller

go*forth in peace, to heal the world.



Consider this, Study that, Report this, Retort that,

Day after day they die for this, suffer for that,

Consider talking, study walking, report the death and suffering, retort war profiteering,

Consider peace before acting in fear,

Consider saving a life before taking another,

Consider Peace an Important Issue,

Talking peace, creating peace, realizing peace is not as tough, dangerous or difficult an issue as making war. read more »


To save their party, the Democrats need to put a team together that will show the country and the world that they are united in the mission to unite this country and the world.

Their best bet right*now would be the Obama, Clinton ticket.

With Barack as President, and Hillary as VP they have new direction, balanced with experience and two of the best placed individuals to serve their administration that the party has to offer. read more »

As the profits of war are displaced by the profits of peace, so to are the prophets of doom replaced by the prophets of hope.

As fear struggles to maintain power, the spirit of peace within each soul embraces the hidden truth, long banished from the will of the people.

This mighty force moves unto the holy cities and into every capital and hamlet upon the globe, uniting a millennium of nonviolent culture and compassion of grace which RULZ the realization of conquering fear. read more »

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