This web site has a growing list of contacts thanks to the event with Rep. Jim McGovern on Saturday and to word of mouth. My goal is to ensure that the lines of communication are open between the site's users and between the people coordinating events and activities. Everyone is able to create content on this site. You can write a blog entry, such as this, or a new story. You can participate in discussions. Consider this site yours to make into something that meets your needs.

The Massachusetts Campaign for the Department of Peace is gaining energy and momentum thanks to you! Let's keep this up. This is how we make the world a better place!


So far no Republican Senators or Congresspeople have co-sponsored the Department of Peace bill. Republicans seem to be under-represented at events and in discussions. But surely many Republicans want peace, too. How can we make the Department of Peace Campaign accessible to them? How can we reach across the aisle and begin to foster the inclusivity that we believe is needed?


It has been noted that the mainstream media does not cover peace and conflict resolution as much as war and conflict. What are the reasons for this and how can we get the media to place a higher priority on peace and conflict resolution?


One comment by people who do not support the Department of Peace is that it is redundant. Organizations such as the U.S. Institute of Peace and the UN are already chartered to broker peace nationally and internationally. What's your opinion? Why do we need another organization?


The event with Rep. Jim McGovern was well attended this afternoon in Concord, MA. Dave Dunn introduced the event and gave some background on the Department of Peace Campaign. Pat Simon gave a wonderful introduction to Rep. McGovern. Then Rep. McGovern stepped up to the podium and gave us his thoughts about the Department of Peace, about the state of war and peace in the world today, and about what we can do to further the universal desire for peace. Read the text of his speech here. read more »

Thanks to CivicSpace Labs, a fantastic open source project that allows you to create a web site like this with little effort, launches today. My hope is to provide a space where people who are organizing and supporting peace and conflict resolution can discuss ideas and share information. This web site will evolve over time. Please make your needs and wishes known to me and I will try to accommodate.

I started this site primarily due to my interest and support of the Department of Peace Campaign in hopes that it could be of some use for organization and discussion. Please visit the forum section to participate in discussions. Visit the events section to view and record upcoming events. read more »

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