Screaming, intolerant, radical fear, stirring racism, ideology and separatist, foolish glares,

Running rampant through its ignorance of global reality,

The last gasp of a dying age, struggling within an impenitency of hate and slur,
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Relations between the US and Chinese governments are moving toward a tense atmosphere as both countries levied tariff restrictions against each other. read more »

As I sit here on the eve of the eighth 9-11 Remembrance, I find the image is still fresh in my mind. I also find the question I asked eight years ago - could this have been prevented - is also still fresh in my mind. I know the answer is YES, but not in a way of prevention or monitoring or collecting information or connecting-the-dots. read more »

A comment on the punishment of LaGarrette Blount for the punch he threw at a player on an opposing team after a college football game.

One who never forgets, in retrospect WHY tragedy has beset them, gains the courage toward action and cooperation in preventing future catastrophe... thus honoring the sacrifice made.

One who learns nothing more from the sacrifice of others, than to perpetuate their own ignorance, serves only to disrespect the memory of the fallen...


Top Former Generals Denounce Cheney For Torture

Posted on Fri, Sep. 11, 2009

Fear was no excuse to condone torture


Charles C. Krulak was commandant of the Marine Corps from 1995 to 1999. read more »

Forever seems so long, long ago,

Traveling through eons of celestially, shadowed snow,

Mist covered, temporal glens, rolling, arcane hills,

Fog laden, spiritual sea’s, countless waves of mystical humanity,

Esoteric moments, held precious and close,

Oracular, enigmatic burdens carried, without boast,
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Edward M. Kennedy succumbed to brain cancer at age 77.

The death of the Massachusetts senator who served his state for more than 40 years hogged the deadlines of leading newspapers in the US and abroad. read more »

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