Heeeeere’s Johnny
Ed McMahon 1923 - 2009

His first gig when he was fifteen
He did a bingo game in Maine
But, as sidekick to Johnny Carson
Are the great memories, which remain.

He was a Marine fighter pilot
And fought in World War Two
And when Korea came along
He served us, in that war, too.

He was first hired on by Johnny
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Shall*We, Let rest another child, who's innocence falls beneath Hate and Fear,

Shall*We, Trust in Gods plan, or Shall*We, see that man raised this hand,

Shall*We, Honor all The*Fallen, or Shall*We wait for thousands more to*be taken by our hand,

Shall*We, Stand With*Peace or Shall*We, stand with man...

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Businessmen must come to terms with the harsh realities of the global financial crisis. Analysts are projecting a continued decline in growth targets because of less business being created nowadays as well as the absence of a strong consumer support to propel a boost in the cycle. read more »

Weapon Of Choice

Cycling through hate and fear, rolling dogma from tongue to tongue, crushing childhood joys, smothering memories and hope of shared community and lives filled with love and harmless toys,
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New blog post from "piece" 2.0 - Moments lived in "piece"...enthusiasm

Guest "piece" 2.0 bloggers welcome, we all have these moments, please share them!

If the world is an asylum, run by the inmates, there is no way to know what sanity is...

Until.... those who stand only with peace... Speak, As*One...

12*Minutes + 13*Months = World4Peace
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Thought the latest "piece" 2.0 blog post would be of interest, guest moments lived in "piece" bloggers are welcome:

Life is the freedom to excel, pass or fail, the true measure of success rests within one's own personal view of that freedom.

Bruce Larson*Moore

Those who have courage to embrace change, celebrate the now, while joyfully pursuing their future, shall create true beauty, grace and loving peace for all of humanity...

Thoughts-R-Things, Words-R-Power, Actions-R-Authority...

Bruce Larson*Moore


Those who take it upon themselves to sanction unions of grace, and then ignore the responsibility of their own divinity toward others, have no moral ground upon which to oppose those who choose to accept the reality of loves truth.

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